Gluten Free Charlottesville

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Honestly, this trip I did zero research as to gluten-free eateries beforehand; I was so focused on finding wineries that finding gluten free places wasn’t a priority this time! However was I pleasantly surprised to stumble across so many gluten free options - and I mean like LEGIT good options! They were so good in fact that I went back for a second time in a month, partly to sip some rosé before summer ends…but also to nab some of these gluten free treats again. If you’re going to the Charlottesville area and are looking for some gluten-free or gluten-sensitive options, then this is your go-to guide! Happy eating friends!

Saturday Summers at the Farmers Market

My friend Sarah is the one who said we have to go to the Saturday farmers market while we were in town. We went to pick up some goat cheese for our winery picnic later that day but boy was I shocked to find so many gluten free options! This may change weekly obviously, but I went twice this summer and they were there both times:

  1. Orange Dot Baking Company - Major Muffins

    These gluten free, power-packed english muffins are great by themselves but on Farmer Market Saturday’s, they’re transformed from just an english muffin to an amazing (and rare find) gluten free savory breakie sandwich! They have EIGHT unique flavors - chocolate chip, rustic rosemary, everything “bagel”, cinnamon raisin, tasty tuscan, Sante Fe, and plain. Pick a muffin by itself or they can turn it into a sandwich complete with fresh egg, local cheese, spreads, veggies and of course some breakfast meat. They are absolutely delicious and a great way to start your morning! Extra bonus: you can shop them online - click here.

2. Moon Maiden’s Delights Mindful Bakery

She is an entirely gluten free and vegan bakery. Yes, you read that right - 100% gluten free and vegan. Everything is plant-based, organic, gluten free, and vegan - insert happy dance here!! We stumbled across her booth and honestly I wanted to purchase one of everything it looked incredible. She has everything - donuts, cakes, bread, bars, cinnamon rolls, “caramel” rolls, cookies - your sweet tooth craves it and she has it. She does have a store front on the mall in downtown Charlottesville, but check her website or Instagram for her hours as they aren’t your normal business hours. Find her shop here.

3. Gypsy Juice Wagon

I know, it’s juice, so it’s normally gluten free - but this was such a FUN find when we were exploring the market. All the incredible flavors of teas and lemonades, all with a farm to cup mantra!! They grow as many of the ingredients on their local farm and use herbal teas and local ingredients as much as possible!! Extra fun - the cute umbrellas and curly straws! Check out their Facebook page here.

Okay now stepping away from the Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s… here’s a little snapshot of some of the great gluten free finds I discovered while just exploring the city!

Out and about in Charlottesville

  1. Tilman’s

    They have macaroons and usually a gluten free dessert option! This month was an almond strawberry cake that was heavenly paired with a glass of prosecco! Find their hours here.

2. MarieBette Bakery

They don’t have gluten free bread or a gluten free dedicated menu; however their yogurt granola parfait is gluten free and obviously they have your normal staples like eggs, bacon, coffee, OJ, etc. It’s not the most satisfying gluten free breakfast but it’ll do. They usually have long lines on the weekends, so get in early or else grab a coffee to go and sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while you wait. Check out their menu here.

3. The Local

Oh my goodness was this spot DELICIOUS! It’s in an absolutely adorable area of Charlottesville called Belmont which has a dozen fantastic local eateries, bars, and coffee shops. The Local does not have a specific gluten free menu but their menu has an * on it which means they can make it gluten free upon request! So that’s a nice little feature. They had an amazing local roasted squash dish which tasted like pure fall (YUM) and also a great pork chop. Extra brownie points for them - a flourless chocolate cake for those looking for a sweet treat. Oh and cocktail recommendations — a coconut mojito!! Oh my, I could go back just for those. Check out their menu here.

This just scratches the surface to some fun gluten free eateries in the Charlottesville area. Have a recommendation or find a fun #glutenfree option in the area? Drop a comment below and share!

Happy GF eating friends!