Solo Guide to Las Vegas

I go to Vegas a few times a year. No, not because I have a gambling problem. Work conferences always seem to take us to Vegas. Now obviously you could spend a few days in Vegas blowing through your money and your liver, but that’s not my style.

When people ask me what is my favorite destination to go to in the US, I usually surprise them by saying Las Vegas. I have to clarify however that I love Vegas for the “non Vegas-y” reasons. I’m such a foodie and Las Vegas has some of the best restaurants, chefs and artisans in the world. Plus it’s on the West Coast and they are so much better at being gluten conscious; when I ask for a gluten free menu they don’t look like I’ve grown a third eyeball. Another reason I love Las Vegas is that just a short 10-15 minute drive from the Strip you are literally in the middle of the desert - it’s peaceful, quiet and spiritual.

So here’s the thing, when I’m in Vegas for work I’m obviously there for a conference or something, but they always start late and end early (I guess they assume that more people want to be out exploring Vegas than sitting in a conference, ha) so I always have tons of free time on my hands but I’m usually alone. In these instances I have two choices: sit in my hotel room alone or go out and explore the world alone. Even though it may feel strange to be alone, I encourage you to JUST DO IT. You can do it, and I promise, it’s not as scary or embarrassing as you think it will be.

If you find yourself alone in Las Vegas, use this as a launching pad to go out and explore. I’ve been to all of these places and survived and YOU WILL TOO! :)

Solo Las Vegas List

Skyfall Longue - top floor of Mandalay Bay and DELANO : offers some of the best views of the Strip and they make some pretty cool looking cocktails.

Sushi Samba - inside the Palazzo : Quite possibly my favorite sushi spot in the entire world. They have a bar and a sushi bar so you can sit there and order sushi for one and not feel totally strange.

Giada - inside the Cromwell : Again, she has a great bar area so you can just grab a barstool for one for brunch, lunch, dinner or of course just a cocktail. They also have a gluten free menu and some gluten free options such as gluten free pasta!

Have a treatment at a spa - basically every resort has a spa and resort so go splurge and treat yourself!

Poolside sitting : the pictures here are from Mandalay Bay and Delano and their private beach clubs and pools at the resort, but again most of the resorts have their own lovely pools. Grab a chair, bring a book, order a cocktail and enjoy even if it’s just for a few hours.

Border Grill Mandalay Bay - Mexican flare cuisine for lunch : In between conferences one day I stopped in here and got some incredible ceviché and tacos plus they have a great view of the pool!

See a show! Cirque de Soliel is always incredible so why not go see it!? I know you may feel awkward about sitting through a show by yourself but trust me no one is paying attention! Get that ticket girl and go enjoy some wonderful entertainment. My two tips for scoring tickets are going to the concierge of your hotel and seeing what discounts and offers they have or go to one of those TICKT booths along the strip for last minute day-of or next-day show tickets (much like what you see in NYC).

Explore the Strip: Seriously, there are so many incredible resorts and casinos to see that you can spend an entire day just walking the Strip and stopping into the different casinos. Some of my recommendations of ones to stop through -Wynn, Venetian, Palazzo, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace. The Cosmo and Aria are super modern and pretty too but they don’t necessarily have crazy elaborate lobby’s like these other ones.

Go get your hair and make up done at a blow out bar: Need a little pampering or just don’t feel like doing your hair? Make an appointment for a blow-out at any of the blow out bars either on the strip or right off the strip. I’ve gotten my hair done several times when in Vegas and it always just feels luxurious to have someone do your hair.

Go shopping at the outlet Premium Outlets or Fashion Mall : Plenty of shopping both on and off the strip for all budgets.

Red Rock National Conservation : About a 30 minute drive from the Strip. Though there isn't a ton of hiking, there are a lot of pretty places to stop and take pictures. There is also a few easy walking trails to do that offer great views. There is no reception out here just FYI so make sure your phone is charged, you have gas in the car, and water!

Lake Mead & Hoover Dam : About an hour or hour and half away from the Strip is Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. I was super surprised at how cool Hoover Dam was and was super glad I stopped for a morning out there.


St. George, Utah: If you’ve got a 1/2 day to full day and want to get out of the city, drive to St. George, Utah! Super pretty drive, some great red rocks, and only a short drive from Las Vegas.

Katlin Voigt